Last Sunday, we brought the kids for some sunshine and had a picnic at Botanic Gardens.

We started the day early at 8.30am to avoid the hot midday weather. Dabao-ed Economic Fried Beehoon with some very yummy but unhealthy sides of luncheon meat, sunny side ups, fish cutlets, chic wings and stir fried cabbage as our breakfast. Plus a pre-ordered carton of Starbucks coffee and we were all set!

We didn’t prep much in terms of the kids activities other than bring a ball (which entertained them for a long time), bubbles (always a good idea) and badminton rackets (for the adults!)… They played a game or two of hide and seek too! 🙂

It was a nice time of chillaxing the morning away and letting the kids have some outdoor time.

Left the place before noon after cooling off with some ice cream!!! Yay!

Photo credits : Chan Huah Kai