I love visiting the zoo when traveling to a foreign country to see their variety of interesting animals I’ve never seen before.

Located around 35mins from where we stayed in Tokyo, we drove to Yokohama for a fun day at one of the best zoo ever!

I was really impressed at how well kept and huge the whole zoo was. They had a wide variety of animals though I must say we’ve seen most of them before at our Singapore Zoo. But the awesome thing about their zoo is the use of glass in many of their exhibitions. This allows you to get really up close to the animals and see them so clearly rather than trying to spot them from far away.

He bonded instantly with this cute Okapi! 👇 Looking like a mix of a horse and zebra, Axl had fun playing, chasing him down and was totally outsmarted by it!

 Okapi (Pic Credit: Zoorasia) Okapi (Pic Credit: Zoorasia)

We were also fascinated by these meerkats! One moment we were coo-ing about how cute they looked, next moment, their meal came and we see them chewing away ruthlessly at chicken heads with their razor sharp teeth! Lunch, anyone?! 😬

 Kangaroos... Kangaroos…

Zoorasia is sectored into these major exhibition zones:

Asian Tropical Forest – Elephant, Lion, Clouded Leopard, Sumatran Tiger, Malayan Tapir, etc

Subarctic Forest – Polar Bear, Red Panda, Seal, Otters, Exotic birds, etc..

Oceanian Grassland – Kangaroos, Emu

Central Asian Highland – Mongolian Wild Ass, Monkeys, Dhole

Japanese Countryside – Nihon Black Bear, Storks, Cranes, Jap Macaque, Raccoon Dogs, etc..

Amazon Jungle – Ocelot, Guinea Pigs, Monkeys, Spectacled Bear, etc

African Tropical Rainforest – Chimpanzee, Tortoise, Phyton, Okapi, Porcupine, etc

African Savannah – Eastern Black Rhino, Meerkat, Lion, Grant Zebra, Giraffe, Cheetah, etc

I’d advise you to go really early (they open at 9.30am) as they close super early (at 4.30pm). We went after an early lunch and found ourselves running at the last hour to catch a glimpse of the giraffes and zebras. hehe lil’ X wanted to say hi to them!

Visit http://www.hama-midorinokyokai.or.jp/zoo/zoorasia/ for more information on Zoorasia!