Back for my annual aesthetic treatment… Yup, these days, all I need (or more honestly, have time for) are my daily skincare routine, an occasional mask and some help from an aesthetic expert like Dr Chua at Veritas Medical Aesthetics to maintain my skin.

After sharing my concerns and evaluating my face, I was recommended Ultraformer for skin tightening and improving fine lines. It is also good for pores, wrinkles, v-line forming, jowl line, cheek and skin tone improvement too.

Dr Chua patiently explained that Ultraformer uses HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) energy to target pre—determined depths below the skin surface and causes skin tightening and lifting by triggering extensive collagen synthesis.

The first round of ultrasound shots targets the top 1.5mm of your skin which is the Superficial Dermis. Then he works on the Deep Dermis which is around 3.0mm into your skin. And lastly, 4.5mm of your SMAS (Superficial Musculo-aponeurotic System), which is the same tissue layer which plastic surgeons target in a face lift.

Thus the results are not just what you see superficially but they last longer as the inner layers of your skin are tightened too.

One of the top most concerns I had, was of course whether it would be painful. But Dr Chua assured me that though discomfort levels vary from person to person, most patients tolerate the procedure well without anesthesia or sedation. After the procedure, patients might feel a little achy on the jawline and slight swelling.

But there would be no downtime and I’d be able to go back to work immediately after as Ultraformer mainly targets the under layers of skin.

I was glad that Dr Chua shared my sentiments to go back and think it through before I booked the treatment date. Really thankful he was not pushy about it…

This gave me time to process all the information and research more on the procedure recommended. Which was really important to me… to understand what I was getting myself into.

Walking into the clinic on the actual day, their jovial receptionist and clinic assistant put me at total ease as I registered and prepared for the procedure. Even going as far as to introducing me the Ultraformer machine and its functions.

They applied a layer of anesthetic cream and I had to wait 30mins for it to take effect before the procedure.

Dr Chua walked me through the whole process again and also kept me informed along the way of his actions. As the Ultraformer uses Ultrasound Shots to deliver the treatment, I’d say it’s really similar to doing an IPL treatment.

The discomfort level rose when it penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin and the bony areas like the jawline or cheekbones. But overall, nothing unbearable. Dr Chua would also constantly check with me if it was ok and that was really assuring.

He was really generous with the shots and went over the problematic spots a few times as he stressed it was important to him that I see the desired results of the treatment.

Before I knew it, it was done and examining my face closely, you really can’t tell I went through an aesthetic treatment! Perfect for those lunch time kind of face treatment as I lightly touched up and strutted right out of the clinic that day.


As collagen regeneration generally takes 30 to 90 days, ideal results comes from 60 to 90days after the Ultraformer treatment.

True enough, 2months after the treatment now, i really love how my smile lines have reduced and jaw line sharpened.

Especially during my Japan trip where I put on some weight from all the yummy food but you couldn’t tell at all from my face! Haha…

Here are the details of the clinic if you’re interested in doing the Ultraformer treatment, do make an appointment for a no pressure consultation with Dr Chua!

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