Dearest Alexa,

To say that these 6months went by in a blink of an eye wouldn’t be true… With you, I knew how fast time would fly by and how I would look back one day and miss all your babyness and realize that this infancy would be gone forever. So I slowed down and told myself to enjoy every precious moment with you the last 6months. I consciously chose YOU and would do it again a thousand times over if I had to… 😭 (hopeless mummy’s shirt is all wet from tears already by this 1st paragraph…)

Of course, being second time parents, it came with the experience and a confidence of what to expect, so it was easier to handle motherhood this time around. But I’ve also heard otherwise where 2kids is super challenging and all the horror stories that came with it.

Mummy and Daddy had always knew and said aloud that we would stop at 2 kids… But after having you and Axl, I find myself toying with the idea of having a third and kinda don’t feel ‘done’. 😅

(Daddy if you’re reading this, “breathe… don’t freak out… remember to breathe”) haha

(To Mummies out there, did you ‘know’ or had that clear ‘feeling you were done’ when you had your kids? Or was it more of a choice? )

So I feel kudos goes to you, baby Lexie, for being so awesome all around…. You make me love motherhood so much and feel that I might just be capable enough to handle another. But I know God has great plans for our family and will direct our paths. ❤

Here’s archiving your 6 months journey and milestones.

1st Month  (2.56kg 49cm)

Your very 1st night back home with us, you cried every hour. Think it was coz you were hungry and mummy’s supply (which looked promising initially at the hospital) wasn’t meeting your demand. Plus there were some latching problems that caused my nipples to bleed badly… Plus you being so hungry + sucking hard and mummy’s high threshold for pain contributed to it too. Scared the daylights out of me during the feed when I realized you were drinking fresh blood. 🙁

So we took a week’s break and bottle fed you with formula while I pumped rigorously to work on increasing my supply(20mins every 2-3hrly) and letting me heal too.

I was so nervous before we tried latching again and was praying hard that the problem wouldn’t occur again and you wouldn’t reject me after drinking from the bottle! Thankfully, you didn’t and our breastfeeding journey is going strong at 6months!

Your umbilical cord dropped off on 17 Oct 2017, exactly one week after birth. (Note to self: I kept it in the trio of Tiffany blue decor luggage)

You are super sharp and able to hold your gaze really well with the person talking to you.

2nd Month (3.63kg 49.5cm)

You’ve started making sounds to get our attention and want to be carried! Plus you’re preferring to be carried in a more upright position.

You had a case of bad diaper rash and we had to see doc a couple of times for that. Doc suspected it’s coz of the antibiotics I took after delivering you through c-sec.

3rd Month (4.92kg 55cm)

At this point, I would say you’re drinking very very well! So well that you’ve doubled your birth weight already and your chubbiness is evident. Needless to say, Doctor Tan and your momma + papa are very happy!

Your eyes follow objects side to side well. We see you responding and smiling much much more now. You’ve even started ‘talking back’ to us with your cute coos…

You’re also super strong and keep lifting up your head and wanting to sit up.

4th Month (5.89kg 56.5kg)

Started to self soothe and put your fingers into your mouth. And play with your saliva too!

In fact, you’re exploring your fingers a lot.. and can grab a toy for a few seconds before dropping it. Oh.. One thing you like to do is to grab your bib and pull at it!

You hate tummy time though your neck and back is much stronger now. So with support, you can sit.

Your poop is also lesser at this point. The 1st 3months, EVERY diaper change came with yellow seedy poop. And we changed 2-3hrly some more! I blame the antibiotics I took for messing up your gut…


5th Month (6.82kg 58cm)

Ok, at this 5th month mark, you’re now lovingly coined Chubby Lil’ Cheeks by your Kor Kor and me! And our favourite past time is munching on them every chance we get!!!

You love putting things into your mouth can grip really well, started holding your legs and can lift your chest up during tummy time. You’re a regular on the bumbu too!

I really love it when you excitedly flail your arms about when you see me and and melt away my tiredness from the day!

Your giggle trigger is a big sneezy ‘Ah Choo’!

At the latter part of your 5th month, you took your 1st overseas trip to Japan to visit your Da Yi (eldest Aunt) in Tokyo!! You were an angel on the flight! (Read more HERE)


6th Month (7.27kg 59cm)

While in Japan, your giggle trigger was when Kor Kor Axl went “I say I say…” repeatedly to your face. This morning, it was a series of words (names of Paw Patrol, silly words, etc) he said loudly and staccato-ly. Your adoration for your affectionate brother is really evident now and the look you have for him is so so special. It never fails to warm my heart.

Another milestone in Japan was on 17 March 2018 when you sat without support for a few seconds! Woohoo… Well done baby!!

We also started you on these solids mummy painstaking pureed myself. (For those who want to know more on preparing purée for baby food, read my previous post HERE).

Carrot 20180321. Cereal 20180324. Potato 20180329. Pumpkin 20180405. Teethg Rusk 20180408.

You’re super cute and always like to hold your legs up. Plus really clever too and able to put your hand on our palm for a High5. Just 2 nights ago, I was delighted to realize you could do ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ by opening and closing your hands too!!!

Looking forward to more tricks you have up your lil sleeves, doll! Thank you for all the joy and blessing that you are to our little Sim family! We love you higher than the mountains and deeper than the seas!

Xoxo, Mummy 💋