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Of course Disneyland was on our mind when we decided on Tokyo as our holiday destination! Especially now that Axl was old enough to appreciate the rides, recognize the various characters and hopefully retain some bits of his experience in this magical land that’s Disney.

His first major amusement park visit was to Everland in Korea. As much fun and enjoyable that was, I’m afraid his ticket money had gone down the drain for my then 1year old boy!!

Which brings me to my now 6 months old Alexa… yup, also kinda wasted money. 🤣 *BUT* I wouldn’t have it any other way, in fact, Baby Doll was needed there for our entertainment. And so that I could rub & warm my freezing cheeks against her chubby face every few seconds! Hehe…

Seriously though, I’ve never been one for overtly cutesy or kiddy stuff… but Disneyland goes beyond that and sparks a part of me that I never knew was alive! And sharing this experience with my kids made all the difference I think…


With its main theme being Frozen Fantasy for 2018, it was obvious Elsa and Anna ruled the land. Though the boys (Lucas & Axl. Left Gaby in school coz the adults were outnumbered. Sorry Gabe Gabe… love you!!) were unimpressed and definitely more interested in Toonstown and the rides.

Axl really enjoyed this Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland. A water ride, he had fun pointing out and naming all the animals. Albeit unreal, they were quite life like (to a toddler 😅) and still got him wide eyed in anticipation. You could see him light up when his favourite herd of elephants made an appearance!


We also sat on the Western River Railroad ride – Alexa’s 1st train ride! Yay!

I must say, the 1st half of it wasn’t really interesting… but I was thankful for a break and it was in time for Alexa’s feed too. So it worked out well. Plus, the train went around Disneyland on elevated ground, so that got us some nice views for the latter part of the ride! It ended off going through a dark tunnel of Dinosaurs which Axl was excited about too. 🙂

A highlight that mesmerized us was definitely the Happiness Is Here Parade! Featuring Disney characters, cheerful music and themed parade floats… it got us all dancing along and simply H.A.P.P.Y! If you want a better view, do queue up early and chope your seats along the ‘street’. Pardon my picture quality as there was just no way the kiddos were gonna be patient enough to sit around doing nothing with all the excitement surrounding us.

After the parade, we went to Toonsworld, took a ride with Dumbo the Flying Elephant and walked around a bit. To be honest, we only managed 3 rides in all. We skipped many of them because they were not age appropriate or coz of their 60-90 minute wait time. I guess you just have to manage your expectations when traveling with kids. Coz before we knew it, the day had flew by so quickly and we decided to wind down with the kiddos and grab some snacks before leaving.

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Though this Waffle Company was highly recommended by Michelle, we decided to give it miss after seeing its snaking queue. We settled on an alfresco cafe by the sidewalk that served not so yummy food.

But I must say, contentment and joy still flooded our hearts as we sat there enjoying the breeze and view. Yup, nothing could beat being fed fries by my toddler son and playing with a giggly Alexa, in front of the iconic castle on a cool crisp day… Bliss!

You won’t see the last of us, Disneyland! We’ll definitely be back again… til then, Sayonara! 😘

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