Happy 3rd Birthday, Lil X!!!

Your first birthday, I feel like it was more for us as parents, as I’m quite sure you don’t remember a thing from it!

Second birthday, you enjoyed it… though half the time, you prolly didn’t quite know what to expect.

But this third birthday, you sure were super excited for the celebration and the planning of it! You even chose out your theme and own cake..

We first celebrated your birthday with your school mates in ‘school’ (St Joseph Home Infant & Childcare). You were so happy and some parts overwhelmed from all the attention too! Hehe..

Your favourite Kor Kor YK and Kor Kor JS walked you hand-in-hand over to the canteen where Mummy and Daddy were scrambling to complete the finishing touches of the setup.

So we managed to take some pictures as a family and with the 2 older students before the rest of your cute classmates came over to join us.

As expected, your biggest joy came from blowing out your candles! Haha…

Special shout out to Sweetest Moments for this super beautiful ‘Too Too Train’ cake!! They made this 3part thematic cake with mini balloons for us and we simply personalized it with our own Paw Patrol toppers and number 3 candle! The teachers and students loved the moist chocolate flavored cake so much, many of them came back for a second helping! We generously gave it out and had more than enough for everyone including the schools friendly admin staff and chefs too! YAY!!

Btw, on the topic of his school, I really need to take time to archive a blog on it. One of the best choices I’ve made as a parent is enrolling him there!

Even for this celebration, they proved it true again. On top of being so kind to help us receive the cake and arrange proper storage for it (the cake was big!), they even did up the place for us. Okay… so maybe they didn’t specially do it for our party, prolly décor-ed the place for one of their recent events… BUT they did have a nice Mickey Mouse birthday arch set up for us ok! *sheepishly* Erm… which we didn’t use, coz it didn’t fit into our Paw Patrol theme (I know, we so bad ya…) 😬

To top it off, the teachers made you a personalized card and filled it with lotsa stickers and well wishes for you! So nice of them…


The next day, we gathered our family from both sides at our all time favourite restaurant for brunch! Prive at Chijmes….

From before you could walk, we’ve often brought you here. Something about the alresco dining and open space just beside it where you could run free while we ate.

See how well their theme fit in with the decor pieces we brought!  😍

For your second cake, we wanted to get a Paw Patrol themed cake for you… but nothing could change your mind when you laid your eyes on a KitKat M&M cake.

I ‘tried to change your mind’ coz it’s mainly us 12 adults who’ll be eating it! The thought of all the sugar overload made me shudder… But thank God this is your family and no one said a word about it coz they love you so so much and just wanna see you happy! haha… 😂

Thank you Ah Ma (for the toy gun pressie), Joseline & Tony and Boon & Luciana for making time to celebrate with Axl!


Thank you Grandpa, Grandma, Er Yi, Uncle HK, Yiyi, Wayne and Amanda for spoiling him with all the love, affection & presents. He is sooo blessed!


I’m not sure if it’s out of jealousy from the attention Alexa gets from us or you love pretend play, but you’d often lapse into this ‘baby’ mode where you’d stare at us wide eyed, without a word, acting like Alexa, while waiting for us to baby talk to you…before finally breaking into a wide smile! haha…

I don’t know if I should be discouraging that or how to explain to you enough that I love YOU whether you are like a baby or this 3year old version that you are. So patient, curious, understanding, talking so much, animal loving, affectionate to Mummy & especially Alexa…

But YES, whatever it is, at the end of the day & all the celebrations, in spite of all our claims at how ‘big boy’ you are now, you’ll always be my baby, Axl! I love you so so so much!

Hugs & kisses,