Every morning, I spend a huge chunk of my make up time on my unruly brows… just balancing them is a tiresome chore. And honestly… a luxury that I don’t often have as a busy working mom.

I’d walk out of the house without them done satisfactorily (blame the perfectionist in me!) or worst, sometimes even forgetting to do them in a rush until I look back at photos taken that day.

So when the latest craze of Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery came about, it naturally got my attention. But with concerns that it would end up looking fake, tattoo-ed on, too dark, painful etc… I was still skeptical.

Until I chanced upon The Brow and Beauty Boutique. Every pic of their work I saw, I liked! Super natural and soft, while define-ly arched to perfection… so after some extensive research and lotsa consideration, I took a leap of faith to do it and am so happy with the results. Firstly, I really love their brow studio at Euhabitat in the East. Clean, spacious, private (important!) and overlooking a big pool, it felt so relaxing. It reflected the exquisite taste of their classy Creative Director, Tiffany Luo.

I told her my fears upfront and described that I preferred some arch compared to the popular straight brows many sport these days. I just feel it wouldn’t flatter my face shape…

Also, I didn’t want thick brows that’ll overwhelm my small face. Think my greatest worry is that it’ll look so dark and unnatural and make me look fierce too… hehe, I know I don’t naturally have the most friendly face or persona! So it was a big no no for me… I also emphasized that I personally preferred a greyish tone (see left pic above) instead of a brown set of brows. She took time to explain that they use the latest Korean technology with color pigment derived from plant extracts, hence it will not turn green or blueish in time to come. Phew!

She listened attentively and after understanding my preferences and looking at my picture references, proceeded to work on me. Starting with designing a set of brows and tweaking it until we were both 100% satisfied with them.

After the numbing cream set in (around 20mins), she then started the embroidery process. Professional and experienced, her skills were evident in the confident and precise strokes she deftly worked onto my brows switching between the various blades involved. The reason why she could achieve such lasting, natural looking eyebrows for me was because she mixed 3 different techniques:


This Korean technique requires a lot of skills as it engages different pointer needles to create micro dots around the eyebrow areas. The end result: very natural, powdery make up look.


Instead of the one solid colour of the Misty Eyebrow Embroidery, this second technique fills the tail of the brow to be darker, and fade into a light start of the inner brows, giving it a very subtle and natural look. Over time, pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows behind – lighter at the bulb (front) of the brow and going darker towards the tail. This creating a complimentary gradient effect.


MicroBlading embroidery is a permanent technique that adds hair-like strokes, volume and texture to perfect the shape of the brow. It is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld to instead of a machine.Someone with sparse fine brow hair or over tweezed brows would benefit from this as it adds hair/texture back to the brow for a natural appearance (illusion of natural hair strokes).

But doing this microblading technique alone wont give you natural looking brows. Instead, it’ll look flat against your 3D real eyebrow hairs. That’s why the brows Tiffany does is especially natural, pretty looking and soft!

The whole procedure lasted around 90mins. Naturally, it looked thick as it was a little dark for the 1st 2-3days. I suggest you do it on a slow week where you don’t have anyone special to meet…


I was given a cream to apply everyday until the peeling was completed. And after it started to peel in around 3-5days, I loved the natural new brows it left behind!!! Trust me, no worries that it would be too dark at all… Phew!

Overall, this Eyebrow Embroidery will last around 1-1.5years depending individuals. To maintain the perfect brow result, it is recommended to do a one time touch up within 3 months (after 28days).


Misty Gradient Powdery promotion price is now at $488 (usual: $600).

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Do call Tiffany at 92332543 for a consultation today!

*The Brow and Beauty Boutique is located at Euhabitat Tower 25 (228 Jalan Eunos).

*Instagram @The.BrowLab

Creative Director Tiffany

Eyebrow Embroidery aftercare tips:

– Do wash your face with mild cleanser gently avoiding at the eyebrow area.

– Apply thin layer of given soothing cream, 2-4 times daily to prevent infections and for the colour end line to set in.

– Minimize contact with water at affected areas.


– Don’t apply whitening products at the eyebrow areas.

– Dont go for swim/sauna for at least a week after embroidery.

– Do not go for any facial/beauty service to prevent allergies and disrupt the healing.


This service was sponsored but opinions and observations shared are 100% writer’s own.