I’ve previously shared openly about our struggle (read here) with Axl’s screen time, especially with the iPad. He loves watching Jellybeans colour sorting and works his way to watching various cartoons like Paw Patrol, Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig etc..

I’m proud to update that we’re doing quite well and have made some progress thus far.

The 1st thing we did was to limit his iPad time to mainly the weekends. On weekdays, he does get to watch an hour (averagely) of TV after school. Between the 2, I would definitely consider TV as the lesser evil. The bigger screen and further distance are much kinder on his eyes. Plus, I do get concerned about his attention span when seeing him swipe between YouTube videos, often before the video ends or when it’s loading! 😓 At least with TV, he sits through the programs.

His weekday routine:
6pm – Bathe, eat dinner
7pm – Playroom playtime w Alexa
8pm – Watch TV while I feed and put Alexa to bed
9pm – Sleep routine

We do a lot more activities on Sundays too, coupled with his swimming lesson and dinner outside, it helps put his attention elsewhere. Though he still watches Ipad during his commutes… 😅

Besides cutting down on screen time, the second thing I did was to download a few educational apps for him. Some cool ones that I was introduced to was the Kidlo apps.

An award winning app for kids 1 – 5years, they have more than 1000+ Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Stories, Games & Activities For Kids. Unlike videos, their teacher-approved interactive educational content develops his hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, memory and creativity!

I’m currently using these from Kidlo – English Learning program for kids in Pre-Kindergarden & Kindergarden. Here, you learn ABCs, phonics, flash cards, word families, learn to spell & write, etc.

Kindergarten Kids Math Games is Axl’s absolute favorite. Numbers made fun with games like number popping balloons, matching number cards, splat the numbers, tracing & learning to write numbers, puzzles, dot to dot activities, colouring, etc…

And possibly the most interesting is their Coding for Kids app. In this age of technology & programming, I believe coding is a necessary skill and not a mere option for this generation of kids. Coding develops analytical thinking, problem solving skills and logical reasoning – essential for any job in life. And Kidlo’s Coding for Kids is an introduction of that. Basics of Simple Sequencing, Loops, Debugging, Coordinates, etc… haha I know. It’s sounds so deep, that’s why I’m really impressed by their fun activities to introduce these so well!

No wonder it’s a Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient and recommended by 450+ Parents! For more information, you can visit their website or download their apps at www.kidloland.com. They have a FREE 2 weeks trial and thereafter only $3.33/month!

For Axl, I’m glad there is this alternative where he is kept entertained and learning a lot while playing without him realizing! 😂

At the end of the day, I believe that these gadgets and technology can be used to serve us and is integral in this generation’s education. We just need to be savvy with it, implement control and be watchful that our kiddos don’t get enslaved to them.

Am I totally happy with this current progress? Hmm… Maybe I could still try to further cut down on weekend usage of gadgets? So check back here again to see if I succeed… til then! Bye!


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