In celebration of their cousin, baby Yufei’s 1st year birthday, we spent a great weekend at the super cool Kluang Container Hotel in Malaysia with our extended family from my mom’s side. A private pool, exclusive KTV Room & Mahjong Room, this place is a great venue to chill out as a family!

It was here that Alexa had her 1st swim!!! Looking back at the blog archives, we recorded so many of Axl’s precious firsts. But we barely have any for Alexa… no wonder so many suffer from the ‘Second Child’ syndrome. Oops! Baby Doll, if you’re reading this, please know Mummy & Daddy loves you so so much and you are our FAVOURITE daughter! We make up the seemingly lack of ‘first’ posts with lots and lots of actual quality real time with you, ya!

Like your bro, you’ve always looked forward to bath times and water play. So when you saw the pool and started getting excited, we knew you’d be a natural in it too! We wasted no time and quickly changed you into your pretty coral swimsuit from good ol’ Cotton On!

You adapted to the waters so well, baby doll! Even when your rough cousins and bro inconsiderately (ok, ‘accidentally’…) splashed water into your face causing you to sputter a little… You were fearless! It was Mummy and Daddy who were constantly concerned “is the water too cold for you? have you been in the pool for too long? etc etc…” I think you must have had such a good work out coz that day, you knocked out an hour earlier than your usual bedtime and slept like a, well… baby! 🤣

Second day, we quickly had breakfast to spend more time in the pool again. OMGosh, see how chill you were in the pool! It was nice sharing your first swim with the birthday girl too… Yup, Yufei’s first dip also.

Since Axl had his swim lessons with Little Splashes Swim School, he’s more confident in the water and moving around freely on his own. We put him in an arm and a ring float and he took off like a fish… often exploring far ends of the pool by himself and playing wildly with his cousins. In the past, he would have clung on to us for his dear life the whole time!

That’s the best thing the swim lessons did for him… simply because they helped him be so unafraid of the waters, I know its only a matter of time he’ll be swimming without the floats. Hmm, maybe it’s time Mummy took lessons and learn how to swim too!

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At night, we had Baby Yufei’s birthday celebration by the pool and lotsa yummy local food. Their unicorn theme was so prettily incorporated into the decor, cakes and desert table…

I always say birthdays & occasions are the best ‘excuses’ for us to break our normal busy schedules that we can sometimes be so caught up in… to gather and spend time with our loved ones! So the best part of the weekend was definitely the time spent together as a family! Especially for their Great Grandmother… see how happy she was surrounded by the growing number of her great grandchildren! Not that anymore are coming from me though…. 🙅🏻‍♀️

I’m really so thankful Axl & Alexa have the privilege of knowing their awesome ‘Ah Chor’!

Thank you Ting for organizing everything and bringing us together. We will all remember Yufei’s 1st birthday celebration for her, coz she wont! haha…