When I fell bedridden sick a few weeks ago, I knew I had to pay more attention to my health. One of the things I gladly did was to put myself on a month’s supply of this Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken from Hao Yi Kang. I say ‘gladly’ coz they’re super yummy and it’s really more of a treat I look forward to every morning. Think of a super concentrated bowl of chicken soup… really smooth & delicious!! 😋

I later found out what sets their chicken essence apart is that Lao Xie Zhen uses 2nd generation hens that are at least 12 months old. These chickens are boiled together with premium pork ribs with increased collagen content for a total length of 8 hours and more. Because of this unique boiling methods, nutrients are also extracted more fully. Each chicken essence contains high protein content making it suitable for daily nourishment and supplement.

It’s no surprise that this established Taiwanese brand with a history of 80years and has been voted ‘2018 Best Chicken Essence’ by Mummies Market Singapore!

For busy working moms like me, it’s a much needed boost to combat fatigue, increase our energy level & strengthen our immune system. Furthermore, i read that it is able to help increase milk supply and enhance the quality milk too. Yay for Alexa!!

Even Axl takes it too.. it’s very acceptable to children because of the soupy taste and natural yellow colour. l00% natural with no preservative, no additive and no cholesterol. Often, I would simply steam some meat and vegetables with the chicken essence as his home cooked meal. Other times, I would bring a pack out with me using it as soupy sauce to ‘wet’ his rice, as it’s so much healthier alternative to outside food’s MSG laden sauce/soup.

Their chicken essence are packaged conveniently for room temperature storage, in a 4-layered opaque sachet directly imported from japan, making it very safe to consume.

Unlike the usual glass bottles that annoying leak when you pry them open, they are easy to prepare. Simply heat up the unopened sachet in a cup of hot water for 3 minutes, tear open the sachet and consume!

You can order a box of 7sachets ($48) or 14sachets ($95) online from www.haoyikang.sg! They’re super presentable as a visitation gift!!!


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