Clutching tightly to his precious gift from Santa Pororo! 

While we have been to indoor playgrounds before, I didn’t think I could be entertained for 4 straight hours, still not cover everything and am already looking forward to our next visit before we even stepped out of the place! That’s what happened when we visited the Pororo Park at Marina Square! 

I guess that is also what happens when you let your child be a boss for the day. Though, I’m so glad I scheduled in some time with him knowing that my year-end schedule for these 2 weeks would be super intense. Yup, as a Full-Time Working Mummy, time with the kids (and husband) has to be deliberately planned & penned down. Otherwise, all I’ll see is a sleeping child after reaching home from work and before I leave the house. 😅

So after setting aside this time for him at Pororo Park, I decided to just let him take the lead in playing at whatever station he wanted without rushing or moving him along. We also brought one of our favorite friend with us – EnEn! 

We started off at the supermarket where I ‘bought’ these yummy fruits & vegetables from my lil handsome cashier! 😉

And then spent a huge chunk of time at the Hinoki Pit! A pool of Hinoki filled wood that’s designed to be safe for kids of all ages, stimulating their multiple senses while playing! 

Booth by Young Nautilus

What peeled him away from this endless fun was when he heard the commotion of children squealing in delight as they gush at these cute sea creatures and even touching them (a starfish & a sea slug)! 

The next stop was some ball pool fun where we took turns feeding the shark with some ‘food’. I loved just lazing in it, sinking into the balls and almost drifting into Zzzzzz… before Axl attacked and buried me with an avalanche of balls!!!

Axl also loved the Jungle Gym and had such an adventure with En! If nothing else, it definitely gave them a good workout… hehe En, agree?? 😬

To be honest, I’m kinda waiting for him to be a bit more independent & adventurous when it comes to this. Up to date, he would still ensure you follow close by and is quite cautious in exploring alone. 

But I’m not rushing it, as he had a mild scare around a year back when he was ‘lost’ for a moment, in an indoor gym maze somewhere else. So I’m letting him take all the time he needs to feel more confident, while gently encouraging and assuring him along the way. 

Meanwhile, we also caught their Christmas Storytelling… an entertaining sing along and even had a meet and greet with Santa Pororo who generously gave out Gifts to the first 80 visitors of the day! Lots of other Magical Christmas Shows this season that you won’t wanna miss… so I’ll include the details here. 

Axl jumped to his hearts content at the Bouncy Castle, visited Pororo’s House and even sold some ice cream too! 

In the midst of all the fun, we did refuel our energy at Loopy’s Cafe where we ordered a Ham & Cheese Sandwich (yums!), Fries, Edamame, Rainbow Cheese Cake and drinks! With the Hinoki Pit and Toddler Playground in view, Axl was comfortable enough playing by himself while I enjoyed my food & drinks here. 

While checking out their Rudy’s Toy Store before leaving… Axl was pointing at various toys going all “I want this this this and that Pororo toy!” Haha… 

Can you imagine we missed one of their star attraction the Pororo Express Train, a free ride within their huge compound?? There was simply too much to do and too little time. So yup, I would definitely wanna come back to check that off our list and have another round of endless fun!

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