When I was younger during haircuts, the hairdressers would never fail to remark at how thick my mane was… oh what glorious times they were! 😂

Over these few years, I don’t hear that anymore… in fact, I can’t remember the last time I received that comment. My bathroom drainage will always be clogged up with a whole bunch of hair after shower. And the husband even occasionally likes to get a kick out of sweeping them into a pile and proclaim to my annoyance “See! See! So much hair!” As if I’m not aware enough of my hair loss situation… 🙄

With Axl, I was horrified & shocked at how bad postpartum hair loss (Read more HERE) had hit me. Was totally unprepared for that as a 1st time mom…

But this time around, just when i thought i knew better and tried using the same products that worked really well for me last time, I developed a bad reaction to it. Not sure if it’s due to the chemicals, hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep or stress from taking care of 2 kids… but my scalp itched and flaked after using it this time.

So I figured I had better turn to natural and herbal remedies instead. I heard how Topp Care Hair Solutions utilizes Western Botanical ingredients to solve hair problems like hair loss, oily/dry scalp, grey hair, etc. They are certified by US Trichology Institute (USTI) & are a Member of British Herbal Medicine Association.

I made an appointment for a consultation and treatment session specially for postpartum hair loss. When I arrived, their specialist, Helen, proceeded to access my condition and did a scan for my scalp. It was here that she pointed out my flaking issues from an oily scalp too. Patiently explaining to me about how it’s important to first recondition the health of my scalp to optimize future treatments for my hair loss and strengthen it from inside out.

Helen also assured me that unlike harsh chemicals that sometimes do more harm than good, they only use all natural Botanicals ingredients like thymus serpillum, horse chestnuts, maidenhair fern, almond oil, horsetail and thuja orientalis… ingredients that are all gentle on the scalp and is safe for use, even for breastfeeding mothers like me!

“Clogged up with oil and flakes… so gross!”

My treatment started with a Deep Cleansing solution applied directly on the scalp and allowed to be absorbed for 5 minutes before application of their Deep Sea Masque. The masque treatment aims to solve age-related hair changes and undo grey hair symptoms while also supplying crucial nutrients for hair loss issues like what I faced. In addition, it also helps with cleansing of the scalp and follicles of impurities. All these combined with stimulating the scalp cells to counter premature aging and producing moisture in both scalp and hair follicles, one positive result of this treatment is customers can look forward to having naturally thicker and darker hair.

After around 20mins, I was escorted to their relaxing wash and condition area which was super zen. You could tell their newly upgraded place at Eastpoint Mall was designed with their customers in mind; spacious and relaxing.

After drying my hair thoroughly, she applied a Hair Fall Rescue Lotion liberally. But it was the next part of this treatment that really got my attention!

Using their Hyperbaric Oxyjet Treatment to air blast the lotion into my scalp follicles… apparently, this help to retain the scalp moisture level and to prevent hair loss! It’s super cooling and left my scalp tingling…

As if not shiok enough, she proceeded to lull me right to sleep with a Stimulating Scalp Therapy… Massaging away any remaining tension with her skillful fingers and technique.

When I awoke, I was faced with this Infra-Red ‘octopus-looking’ machine which I later learnt helps in the absorption of active ingredients. This last step is crucial in the whole process of reducing any scalp inflammation and increases blood flow too.

We ended off the session with a Hair and Scalp Analysis again, comparing the before and after with their scanner which uses lens that could magnify up to 200 times. It was evident that my scalp looked much cleaner and unclogged to absorb the required nutrients that encourages hair growth.

Overall, I was really impressed with their excellent service over the period of my visit. It’s no surprise that Topp Care recently won the Singapore Heartlands Enterprise Star Awards 2018 for Best Customer Service! It was a nice treat to have a little relaxing ‘me’ time from the demands of motherhood and my busy work schedule.

I was also given a bottle of Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo to cleanse and nourish the scalp and a bottle of Repair Conditioner for home use!

Call 6645-3020 for an appointment to relax in their newly upgraded hair care centre at East Point Mall today!

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*Valid for first time customers.

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