Dearest Alexa Sweetheart,

Today is such a beautiful day… coz it’s your BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉 We woke up excited this morning to sing you your birthday song and as expected, you happily clapped along, grinning cutely with your toothy smile!

Oh baby doll, you cannot even begin to imagine the joy and blessings you’ve brought to us as a family! You given us so many reasons to wake up h-a-p-p-y and have so much to look forward to every morning. Even your brother, no matter how tired he is, he’d smile at an instant at the sight of you, when he wakes. And when you see him still asleep, always like to cause a ruckus to wake him up… not before cheekily smiling at me, knowing I would hush you up. And whenever Daddy comes to take over a sleep/toilet deprived Mummy, you would crawl double speed to cling on to me and bury your face in my chest! 😂

This first year has been a wonderful one celebrating your many milestones. Just this last month, you took your first steps on 25th Sep 2018! So often since then, you’d leap forward in quick steps before even being steady on your feet. I swear I saw you run before you even walked proper… 😂

Your current favorites include Dora, CareBear, Bean Pillow, Baby Blanket and of course, HELLO KITTY! (Hence the theme of your one year old Party!) But you also love throwing these same CareBear and Baby Blanket over the bed rail… watch gravity work and thereafter saying “Oh-oh” innocently! Usually it would be your sweet, patient brother picking them up for you again and again! Lol…

Your biggest past time must be…. EATING!!!! Feeding you is a breeze and I usually struggle to keep up to your pace. Almost every meal, I find myself increasing the quantity of your food. But the end results is usually the same… you’d be banging the table and crying for more. Hehe.. you’re putting those 4 lil teeth to good use and seems to me you might have a bottomless stomach. That, of course, makes you your AhMa’s favourite grandchild at the moment. The satisfaction on her face when you wipe out her home cooked porridge for you… priceless! 😅

You can gesture confidently and point to the direction you want us to bring you to these days. You’re also learning to count your fingers though at the moment you can only point to your little finger while we count 1 to 5… then you’d give yourself a ‘well-done’ clap! When it comes to pointing, you can identify your nose and sometimes mouth too.

When anything gets too loud, you’d cover your ears with both hands too… Most adorably, we like to ask you where is Mama/AhMa’s Baobei (precious) and you’ll pat your chest proudly! But you also pat your chest when you’re scared or are referring to yourself. So sometimes we do get confused and don’t get what you’re thinking about.

You’re expressing yourself well with words – Where? Bubble. Ball. Roars. Uh-oh. Bear. Nen Nen. Ah Ma. Wow. Papa. Mama. Yesterday morning, you surprised me with a random ‘wa-ter’. Most recently, you amused us big time when your started shaking your head and ‘no’…

We had a lovely party over the weekend with the family and some friends (mainly those with children coz of space constraint 😅). It was so nice having everyone around and coming together… but I think you enjoyed it the most.

While you stuck closely to your dad and me, you had a blast playing at the mini ball pool and even had a go at the soccer table! Come cake cutting time, you happily basked in the attention, clapped along and even blew kisses to all!

Oh, baby girl… you complete us and we are so thankful to God for entrusting you to us. I pray you’ll continue growing up happy, healthy and in the centre of His will always. This first year is just the start of our many adventures together as a family! And I’m so looking forward to our journey and growth ahead!

Thank you all who came and celebrated our precious girl with us… we appreciate your time and presence so much!! Thanks for all the gifts and wishes too… Alexa is so blessed! ❤️

What would I have done without you guys – Thank u so much for helping!! ❤️