One of the regular tips people always ask me for, is how to lose all that pregnancy weight. 

What most don’t know is that after you successfully pop the baby out, you are still left with a 4-6month sized baby bump and it does takes time and effort to lose most of the baby weight. 

For me, it took me 10months after the 2nd birth to finally fit back into most of my old jeans. If you saw me during those months and are crying foul, protesting that I had lost the weight way earlier… I have to admit, I’m good at hiding all the extra weight and will share those tips with you later. 

I want to first say that each women’s body is different and there is really no standard timeline for postnatal weightloss. And before you even think about that (and we all do, if we’re honest 🤣), understand that you do need to give time to 1st let your organs fall back into place (Sounds funny when I put it that way but I’m serious.. I have a friend who exercised too soon before her abdominal walls closed and now need to go for physio regularly to rectify it). Do let your wound/body heal from that major surgery you went through delivering your precious lil baby, ensure you’re eating nutritiously especially if your breastfeeding and nursing your baby. 

During the pregnancy, my gynae was quite awesome in reminding me that the 9 months was not an excuse to eat for two! Focus more on what (quality of food) you put into your body than how much (quantity) you eat! In general, I’m also not big on snacks and sweet stuff. So with the 2 kiddos, I put on around 12kg for Axl’s pregnancy and 15kg for Alexa’s. In the normal range i guess… 

Lunch date with Ken at Pints & Pince before life with 2 kids overwhelm us….

After birth, beyond the occasional ‘exercise’ (more for the fun of it than for the purpose of weight loss) which honestly i had no time for and just not high on my priority list)… Eating healthily whenever i can (not much options sometimes with take out food and most of the time gobbling some biscuits these were really the 2 things I did regularly that I felt helped got me close to my pre-pregnancy body. 


Most women will attest to losing alot of baby weight through breastfeeding as well. Especially in the first few weeks where you could feel the occasional pain (like cramps) from your uterus shrinking during the nursing sessions. 

The truth is that my appetite doubled when I was breastfeeding those first 2 months. And I gladly ate since I knew it was healthy yummy food (I loved eating confinement food… Got mine from Tian Wei Catering and my mom in law’s kitchen! Haha!)

In all, I breastfed Axl for 11months and Alexa for a good 12months… 


After delivery, the Head Nurse from my Gynae had me wrapped tightly in this adjustable abdominal binder. It’s supposed to be used through my recovery and compresses the abdomen, thus alleviating pain while protecting my C-Sec wound. 

I wore it everyday even when I went out during my confinement month and maternity break. Though I must say the velcro area is not the most flattering and does create a bulge.

So when I started to go out more often and went back to work however, I swopped that for my Wink Shapewear from for a more seamless look under my work clothes. 

While the abdominal binders DO NOT help you lose weight or fat, Wink Shapewear Slimming Garment is a leading slimming shapewear and girdles brand recognised in South East Asia.

Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini
 (beige) $129. Booty Shaper Knee (Black) $179.

Their compression garments are specially designed for postnatal recovery, abdominal surgery recovery and helps in skin retraction by compressing the uterus. It also helps in body shaping during the healing process, resulting in you have a flatter, slimmer tummy. 

Wink® Shapewear is the only medical grade compression shapewear that is strong enough to provide ideal compression, yet smooth enough to provide comfort every day. Thanks to their secret perfect homemade blend of Lycra & Tactel Nylon! 

I also love that it’s locally designed and made for the Asian body. In fact, they have a girdle that has customizable hooks coz let’s face it, we all have different hip/waist sizes. They’re priced really affordably too… surprising coz you can feel the premium quality and the fit makes it worth it. 

As mentioned earlier, I may not have lost all that baby weight, but I was definitely good at hiding it! In fact with my Wink girdle, I usually drop by one to two sizes immediately. 

Envy Her allows for free fitting sessions of their shapewear at either Jalan Besar or enjoy a home fitting totally complimentary and with no obligations! Contact Jeannie @ 93897240 now to try them on… 

They also have lovely Nursing bralettes that are oh-so-pretty! Here’s mine called the Kate Shoulder Lace Easy Nursing Maternity Bralette ($59)

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