Breastfeeding is a deeply emotional journey. Thankfully, the sentimental part of me was wise enough to send in my breastmilk for SharingMomentsByJenn to turn this into a precious keepsake before my supply ended!

It’s a beautiful 2 piece ‘Elegance Set’ consisting of a pendant necklace & ring… which I’ll prolly give Alexa either for keeps in future! 

“The joy in motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times, but amid the challenges there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.” — M. Russell Ballard

Below here is an exclusive interview I did with inspiring mumpreneur Jenn, founder of Sharing Moments By Jenn! Read on to know more about how this keepsake business came about and the struggles she faced as a first time mother.

  1. Tell me a little more about yourself or your family.

I’m Jenn, a mom entrepreneur and I’m a soon to be Mummy of 2. My first born Zayden is turning 3 soon and I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I’ve been in Singapore for almost 12 years and happily married for almost 4 years to an amazing husband, Tim, a local who works in the Hospitality Industry.

  1. How and when did SharingmomentsbyJenn started? What were you doing before? 

Sharing Moments by Jenn started when I was still pregnant with my first child. I have always been a sentimental person and I love to create things that will remind me of the past. That was the time when I started researching on how I can transform all the treasured memories of my breastfeeding and motherhood journey into a tangible piece. I was inspired with many breastfeeding moms as well as my very own journey. From all of the normal struggles to hard ones, the judgemental of society, the post-partum depression & many more of motherhood, I am amazed by how women are able to empower one another.

Breastfeeding became a huge impact in my life. It was the most empowering moment of my life. The first time I breastfeed my little Bub was the time I experienced myself how much interest, love and passion I have for breastfeeding. It was also the same time when I decided to give up my 10 years career in the Hospitality Industry, to set aside my Degree in order just to purely focus on raising and breastfeeding my son.

My passion in breastfeeding grew day by day & it gave me the encouragement to pursue my dreams, creating Breastmilk & DNA Keepsake Jewellery with the support of my Husband, family & friends. It was endless hours of hard work, triumphs and trials. Nevertheless, I started crafting keepsake in the year 2016. I was crafting only for myself, then I shared to friends and I make for them. Before I knew it, I started accepting orders from other mommies.

During the year of 2017, being a Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM), without any helper and a first time Mum I have to take things slowly and set limitations in creating keepsake due to my very limited time. Due to growing demand in Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery this year, I’ve decided that this is the time to make all the big steps. I introduced better choices in my collections, doing exclusive crafting for overseas in the Philippines, which turned out to be a huge success. I also took courage to study an e-course at Baby Bee Hummingbirds DNA & Breastmilk Academy, in Australia to master more of the preservation techniques of breastmilk, and I’ve acquire industry expert knowledge & skills since then to create an outstanding pieces of Breastmilk & DNA Jewellery.

I will be graduating before the year ends, and I will finally be awarded as a Certified DNA & Breastmilk Jewellery Artisan.

  1. What are some challenges you faced with the business. What advice you’d give for mummy entrepreneurs?

Time is the biggest challenge. Creating keepsake requires a huge amount of time. I was a SAHM with no helper or help from the family and I had a very demanding child who needs much attention and to be breastfed almost all the time. I have to take things slowly for the first year of my operations and plan my timetable very well.

My advice to all Mummy entrepreneurs is to set their goals and priorities. Time management is very important. Do yourself to something that you are passionate with, there is nothing wrong in having baby steps when you decided to start something. Your business should not be just giving you extra cash, but it should be something that will help you grow not only as a person, but contributing to your role as a mother.

  1. What do you love about motherhood?

I would say it’s a Love and Hate relationship with Motherhood. A lot of crying, self-reflections and a lot of patience. It will never be perfect but I will not trade it for anything else in this World. It moulds me to a better version of myself. I love every single struggles, hardships and also the happy memories to it. Motherhood journey is a treasure to keep.

  1. What did you struggle with as a new mother? How you overcome it?

When everything is a first time, it is the time when struggle will arise. From a career woman to a full time Mummy myself, the transition was a little bit overwhelming and it affects me very much.

When you become a mum you don’t only deal with sore breast, a crying baby, vomit and poo. There is an emotional part to it and it affects your well-being, especially towards post-partum depression. I overcame this issue with the help of my husband and close family friends. I tried to focus myself in the things that I love to do. I attended yoga and exercise training with my fellow mummy friends, joined a lot of mummy groups who support and empower one another. I also attended playgroups with other mummies who has the same struggle as me and I continually crafted keepsake to constantly keep myself busy. Staying positive is the main key. It wasn’t an easy journey but it’s worth all the experience.

  1. Who and why mummies should get this precious keepsake. 

Sharing Moments by Jenn DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake is here to help every Mother in preserving her treasured memories of life. Keepsake jewellery is made using a mother’s own breast milk, placenta and her child’s DNA samples like umbilical cord, cut nails and hair curl to commemorate her breastfeeding and Motherhood journey by encapsulating all these beautiful memories in a piece of Jewellery that will last them a lifetime. This precious moments can be turned into a tangible piece of keepsake as a reminder of a Mother’s unconditional love for her children. It can serve as a little trophy for their success and hard work.

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