One of my resolutions for 2019 is to gift the kiddos with more experiences rather than yet another toy. Creating more memories, appreciating what nature has to offer, spending quality time learning & laughing together. For me and many mums(esp those working) in Singapore, it is often more of a deliberate effort than a natural occurrence that just magically happens. This to me, is conscious parenting.. and it’s good!

When I heard of Young Nautilus’ Educational Nature Walks I thought it was the perfect outing for us and signed us up promptly. We took part in their Changi Intertidal Exploration walk where we got up close with many marine creatures and learnt so so much in the 1.5hr journey.

After a quick introduction and a warm welcome from our Young Nautilus Educator, we proceeded to our first stop and was introduced to the Carpet Anemone and the sea corals in our ecosystem! It’s here that we learnt about the impact global warming have even on little creatures like these corals! They play an important role in our ecosystem in maintaining the pH levels of our seas. Coral reefs are also important as they are homes to many marine species.

Next stop was getting up close with this cute Hermit Crab! Yup, we got to touch and hold many of the sea life animals. These shy creatures would hide in shells and are able to squeeze in due to their soft abdomens. We also met a swimming crab. Axl was fascinated by its blue flipper-like legs that helps them to swim really well.

Did you also know that Sea Cucumbers are known as the ‘cleaners’ of the beach? (Those hungry are prolly thinking of the yummy sea cucumbers we often eat for steamboat hahaha) BUT, not all sea cucumbers are edible! They are actually echinoderms, similarly to Starfish and Sea Urchins!

And of course, one of my absolute favorite is the Star Fish! Which we promptly learnt that it’s correct term is SeaStar, which made sense if you think of it, they don’t have fins at all!

Through it all, we had to walk through many puddles of water so we were glad our rain boots got us covered. We walked in a single file so as to avoid destroying the marine life’s homes as much as possible.

My sweet lil Axl walked so slowly he didn’t want to step onto the seaweeds and sea creatures on the shores as he was afraid he would hurt them! Such a sweetheart this boy!

It was really a joy and fruitful time where you could see his eyes light up and love for these new found creatures develop. Beyond learning about the marine life, he was also exposed to things like global warming, plastic pollution and saving our environment along the way.

Other than Changi Intertidal Beach, Young Nautilus also offers other biodiversity nature walks at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves, Coney Island and Labrador Park!


I’m so happy to share this experience with you and have tied up with Young Nautilus to gift this amazing Intertidal Walk to 3 of my followers’ families (max 3pax each family). Head over to my Instagram (@runway_mummy) to join today!

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