Isn’t it annoying when you have no time to shave and you immediately eliminate three quarters of your wardrobe coz you need to be in long pants/skirts to cover up the unsightly, unshaven leg hair?!

Especially when you have 2 toddlers who are can’t be left out of sight for longer than 5mins and shaving is simply a luxury you can’t afford. (P/s: We don’t have a domestic helper and often the hubs works till late on weekdays.) So it’s solo parenting and a mad juggle at home most nights, after a long day at work. Not complaining… it was a choice we made to parent without full time help. At least for now, until we cant take it anymore).

Anyway, I’m super hairy and it didn’t help that while in my younger days, my itchy hands got hold of a razor and I shaved my arm hair off! And from then on, my arm hairs have been standing up and looks very untidy. Over the years, I’ve grown less conscious about it. But did still wish I was less hairy. 🤣

For legs, I’ve tried it all. Started shaving but hate the darn razor burns, whether with water or without… not to mention the annoying, painful in-grown hairs!

Waxing hurt like mad and took such a long long time. And scrubbing the sticky was away was such a chore. I preferred doing it at home coz I didn’t like the wax burns and hot layer of wax they slather on. Plus, if anyone is gonna inflict pain on me, I’d rather it be me. Haha..

At one point, I relied heavily on the epilator… I loved that it plucked out my hair from the root. Maybe coz it lasted slightly longer than shaving. But after awhile, I started realizing that my pores became very big and obvious. Like small dots all over my legs… So that scared me into stopping.

So I’ve always wanted to try a more permanent hair removal solution. But for the longest time, we were either trying for a baby, had the babies or breastfeeding (ps: IPL won’t affect the milk but with your hormones can affect hair growth and melanin production, I felt to wait till after things were more stable).

After much research, I’m excited to finally be going for my Wellaholic’s Super Hair Removal services. Voted Singapore’s “Best IPL/SHR Treatment” by Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2018, they have 4 outlets which are well-rated on Trip Advisor too!

SHR being more advanced than IPL, are gentler on the skin and targets both hair follicles and also the stem cells responsible for hair growth. The technology uses a procedure referred to as the “in-motion” methodology where the handpiece is moved over the treatment area in sliding movements, thus covering a larger surface area. With SHR, the skin is gently heated through the melanin and stem cells with low energy but with high frequency, thus even the lighter/finer hair can be treated and removed permanently in a better way.

I’ll be sharing more of my laser hair removal journey here again… so do check back again! Meanwhile, if you’re interested to find out more for yourself, do check out


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