About 3months back, I embarked on a quest to permanently eliminate body hair and thus began my journey with Wellaholic! 

Their Super Hair Removal(SHR) uses the latest technology to provide a painless and effective permanent hair removal solution. This hair removal methodology that involves the hair pigment, uses only 50% of the energy for their laser hair removal. The remaining 50% is absorbed into the stem cells responsible for hair production through the skin during treatment with SHR technology. Meaning it heats the skin gently (causing less pain!!) through the melanin and the stem cells with low energy but high frequency. SHR fires 10 shots per second at a strength of 3000w light source power. Effective at 640nm to 1200nm range, it reaches deeper to the roots of hairs and achieves better skin tone. 

On my first visit, their friendly consultant assessed my current condition and discussed my areas of concern before planing an ideal treatment package to suit my skin and hair profile. 

I love how you can customize the sessions according to your goals and budget. For example, if you are unsure if you’d like to commit to a full body hair removal, you have the option of trying out on a specific body part(small or large) first. And the sessions come priced in 1,3,6 or 12 sessions! So if you have relatively fine hair, you might only require 3 sessions(to be advised by your consultant). 

If you’ve done your research and you are bent on a full body solution like me, go straight for their Deluxe/Prestige unlimited package (see promotion below!) because it’s so much cheaper and more worth it. I have thick and course hair, so I’ll be trying the 6sessions first… will update you guys again on its effectiveness at the end of all my sessions! 

I must add, one of the main reasons I signed up for Wellaholic’s permanent laser hair removal treatment was also their level of hygiene i observed on my 1st trial. Let’s just say I’m a stickler for the facilities’ and therapist’s cleanliness and they checked all the boxes to put me totally at ease with zero OCD flare ups. haha…

To prepare for my appointments, I was advised to shave 2-3days before as the technology needed the light pulses to permeate in and not be ‘blocked’ by shadows from the hair. 

Also, I’d advised you to avoid the sessions on your mense week as your pain threshold might be affected. 

Yes, one of the common questions I get asked a lot from my friends was whether it would be painful? I learnt that SHR’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) In-Motion technology provided a breakthrough in customer comfort. Basically, they use wave like actions during the process to cover a bigger surface area and causes less intense heat transfer without affecting its effectiveness. 

Also, their cool touch technology help to achieve maximum results with minimal pain. Here, I have to admit, the cold adapter combined with the heat energy released on each pulse messed with my head a little. Sensing I was a little uncomfortable, my consultant stopped the process to let me touch the adapter head which I realized was ice cool, so the sensation I felt was not that of pain from the typical IPL shots I feared. Once that was established, I sat back and enjoyed my treatments in comfort knowing my skin was actually being cooled down by the super advanced technology. 


Wellaholic will be giving away a free SHR “double parts” treatment + 1 bottle of Wellaholic Multivitamins A to Z (worth $179) to 3 of my followers on Instagram/Facebook. So do go join both for a higher chance of winning! 


What’s more, the next 17 readers who sign up for SHR will also get a special upgrade from DELUXE to PRESTIGE for their SHR Unlimited plans as well as 1 bottle of Wellaholic Multivitamins A to Z (worth $20)! 

Please do feel free to ask them all the questions you have at your session, they are the experts after all! Good thing that I like about them is that I’ve observed they don’t hard sell. 

Make your appointment today at https://www.wellaholic.com/shr.html


I’m also including their price plan here for your convenience:

Unlimited Deluxe covers all body parts except Brazilian / Boyzilian 

  • 1 Month Unlimited $169
  • 3 Month Unlimited $159 x 3 = $477
  • 6 Month Unlimited $149 x 6 = $294
  • 12 Month Unlimited $139 x 12 = $1668

Unlimited Prestige covers all body parts including Brazilian / Boyzilian (front & back)

  • 1 Month Unlimited $219
  • 3 Month Unlimited $209 x 3 = $627
  • 6 Month Unlimited $199 x 6 = $1194
  • 12 Month Unlimited $189 x 12 = $2268

Their SHR permanent hair removal ala carte per-session packages are as below: 

Small Areas 

  • 1 Session $49 
  • 3 Sessions $44 x 3 = $132
  • 6 Sessions $39 x 6 = $234
  • 12 Sessions $34 x 12 = $408

Large Areas 

  • 1 Session $79
  • 3 Sessions $74 x 3 = $222
  • 6 Sessions $69 x 6 = $414
  • 12 Sessions $64 x 12 = $768

Brazilian / Boyzilian 

  • 1 Session $129
  • 3 Sessions $124 x 3 = $372
  • 6 Sessions $119 x 6 = $714
  • 12 Sessions $114 x 12 = $1368

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Clarke Quay Outlet: 2 Havelock Road #01-34 Singapore 059763
Lavender Outlet: 16M Penhas Road Singapore 208180
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