The very first time I walked into the comfy ‘home office’ of BrowSugar, I was like any other concerned ‘customer’ worried about how my eyebrow embroidery was going to turn out, “would I be happy with it?” etc. Sure, I saw the pictures of her work and did like them loads. Plus this wasn’t my first experience with eyebrow embroidery… But the nerves from many other unknown factors that was still overwhelming, I guess. My first impression of Luisa was the tinge of shyness that belied her sincere smile. I later found out that this self declared introvert was really stepping out of her comfort zone daily and the business was purely born out of her love for the beauty industry and the art. Not for money, to meet more people, fame, influence and definitely NOT world domination! 🤣 Throughout her stable and cushy banking industry job of 10 years, she would often fill her off days and free time with beauty courses or help other ladies feel more confident and beautiful by giving them beauty makeovers. To date, she has 2 make up diplomas, 1 nail technician diploma, 3 eyebrow embroidery certificates and 3 eyelash extensions certificate. When asked, she sheepishly admitted that she’s in the midst of 2 more courses and she was unlikely to stop there. “I really enjoy learning and want to provide my customers with the latest + improved trends and techniques” Last November, she finally decided to pursue her passion and turn it into a full time career. This decision came after her son was diagnosed with a serious illness and she realized how fragile life. Seeing her son fight through it bravely, she also determined to take that step of courage to pursue her passion and live life to the fullest. Running her own home based business also allowed her to work her schedule around spending more time with her son. Simple things that she used to take for granted; like bringing him to the nearby playground/park and taking care of his needs, became a great joy & privilege. “There are definitely challenges in running a business…” she shares. Luisa needed to convince her husband as she had gone through some failures previously and was really inexperienced in the business aspect of this industry. But she was a keen learner and learnt to accept that there would always be ups and down. She just needed to overcome these obstacles along the way. Sometimes it also got stressful because of the mortgage… But she believes that as long as you remember to enjoy the journey and appreciate the opportunities given, it will keep you going. Though she experienced many unexpected curveballs, yet she never once gave up. But kept pressing ahead to pursue her dream, especially after becoming a mother. And that’s the message of ‘RunwayMummy’; being a mom doesn’t mean the end of yourself… You can and must continue to pursue your dream and passions. Sure, in a whole different capacity, in a lesser measure, at a slower pace. But that’s the thing; it is NOT a competition. Its your own personal journey… So yup, I was so inspired by this journey she shared that time flew by so quickly! Before I knew it my newly formed brow was done… My Powder Ombre Brows was the latest eyebrow embroidery technology that provides a pixelated brow look so it gives off an extremely natural effect. Super love!! In the midst of all her sharing, Luisa explained to me clearly what she was doing before she proceeded. It starts with a short consultation on your skin type and understanding your brow preference. After which, she applied the numbing cream and leaves it on for 20mins. The main bulk of the whole process (around 2hrs in total) is spent drawing the perfect brows for you. After multiple adjustments, tweaks, measurements and your full satisfaction, she proceeds to fill in the brows with latest machine technique and pigments. Pain level is close to zero! Luisa carries with her a quiet confidence and the way she takes pride in her work, makes me feel really assured and confident. This new set of brow doesn’t look too stark or fierce looking immediately after… so I didn’t even need to ‘hide’ them during the healing period. It also didn’t fade much. And it has remained consistently so for the last 3months. She mentioned that it could well last for up to 1-2years. So yay! If you’d like to try this Powder Ombré Eyebrow Embroidery for FREE, head over to my Instagram @runway_mummy to join the giveaway (ends 30 Sep 2019)!! PROMOTION!!! Quote ‘RunwayMummy’ for an exclusive 10% off BrowSugar services today! (ends 31 Oct 2019)  For an appointment with Luisa, contact her at 90119067 today! Instagram : Website : Address : Sin Ming Walk