With a Full Time job, an overtime Business to run, 2 kids to Mother and a house to upkeep, I remain sane purely because of the community I have. The whole ‘it takes a village to raise a kid’ thingy, totally true!! For me, at least… 

I get asked often, why we do not have a Full Time domestic helper with so much on our plate. Well, we’ve definitely considered it… Especially after Baby Doll (that’s Alexa! if you dont already know 😄) came along and I had to go back to work. We decided on infant care for her, as we were just not comfortable leaving her home alone at 3months old with the domestic helper. Plus we had found a great infant care at her brother’s school that has the most loving teachers ever. Also, with someone else living in, I’d feel ‘responsible’ for her and like I needed to take care of yet one more person. 

But don’t be mistaken, I definitely have lotsa help. Other than my parents and mil who are superb (read more here), my part time helper is a huge part of my community I can’t do without. 

While we personally do the day to day cleaning and laundry, my part time cleaner comes in once/twice a week to do the heavy duty cleaning & ironing (which I hate)! So I don’t feel my freedom/privacy is invaded and yet the house is spick and span! With this arrangement, I’m able to spend quality time with the kids instead and not waste my energy on chores during the weekday nights or precious weekends. 

If you’re looking to explore this PT cleaner option as well, you can consider AFM The Cleaning Company. Their professional helpers are equipped with extensive cleaning knowledge, will cover these job scope:

✔️ Mopping & vacuuming of all floors. 
✔️ Cleaning of kitchen 
✔️ Cleaning of toilets
✔️ Cleaning of mirrors 
✔️ Clearing of trash bins 
✔️ Changing of bed sheets*
✔️ Cleaning of windows*
✔️ Cleaning of fans*
✔️ Ironing
*Periodical duties

I observed that the cleaner they sent was consistently punctual, initiative and really diligent. She took time to do a thorough job rather than surface cleaning… even the husband was impressed at how she didn’t miss the hard to reach corners. 

I was so happy to see my ink/marker laden coffee table restored to its original condition without much effort on her part… she made it look so easy though I’ve tried cleaning the stains for weeks prior ok!? She was telling me I had to use a particular cleaning agent to be effective. Mad props to her… haha feel free to zoom. Really gone… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Stubborn stains be gone! Yay!
Finally… Haven’t cleaned this for ages! 🤭

Other than PT Cleaners, AFM also provides these other services at really reasonable prices: 

Each cleaning job will typically be 3 or 4 hours depending on your housing size. 

👍 Post renovation cleaning

👍 Moving in / out cleaning

👍 Office cleaning

👍 Fabric sofa cleaning


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