Singapore, a well-known country despite being tiny on the map, is widely recognized for its bustling and steady-growing economy. Attracting many foreigners and the wealthy to invest in it, making it a land of opportunities for everyone. And these opportunities widen exponentially in various aspects and are especially felt when you transit to Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

Job Opportunities

Take jobs for example, while there is a foreign worker quota for companies when it comes to hiring, there are laws in place to ensure the employability of locals are prioritized, before the company hires foreigners. Employers are to hire no more than the permitted number of foreign workers according to the quota system ratio-ed against local workers, with this percentage seemingly decreasing every year.

Simply take a glance at our online job sites and you’d be quick to spot the common criteria calling for local workers, including PRs. Often, companies are reluctant to help employees apply for work pass permits and prefer to avoid the tedious application and renewal process that are subject to approvals, before they are able to work in Singapore.

Another draw is when you change jobs as a Permanent Resident sporting a blue identity card, you can do so without the hold up of needing to cancel your old work visa and re-applying for a new one.

Grants & Benefits

During this whole Covid-19 situation, PRs were also included in the Solidarity Budget and would receive a one-off Solidarity Payment of S$300 if you were an adult permanent resident with Singaporean parents, spouses or children. Plus, you would have access to grants like the Temporary Relief Fund ($500); for eligible individuals who suffered a job lost or faced a 30% loss of income due to COVID-19. Additionally, the Covid-19 Support Grant (3mths of $800/mth) for those who had lost their jobs.

Education Priority & Subsidies

If you have school going children, you’ll also enjoy being in the higher priority list to the public schools.

Property Ownership & Access To Loans

As a Singapore PR, you will be eligible to purchase a HDB flat or private properties. You’ll also qualify for a housing loan to purchase property and even be listed as a higher priority to borrow such loans.

These said benefits and perks, to name a few, cannot be compared to the safety, security and sense of belonging I’ve felt here. I can truly say that being a Singapore Permanent Resident in this beautiful country has been a privilege and much cherished opportunity. I hope to contribute back to Singapore as much as she has given me, and so much more.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Expert Services

While the overwhelming submission process may seem arduous, trusted agencies like Paul Immigrations have really simplified the process with their expertise and experience. Founded in 2016, it has more than 15,000 satisfied clients that have benefited from the services they provide. Their vast experience adds to the success of your Singapore PR application and their team of specialists are committed to guide you with their assistance every step of the way. Besides offering expert tips, they have a hassle-free system in place that ensures a smooth process. Here is a glimpse of your application journey with them:


  1. Specialist’s Tips and Expertise Provided
    Applications have always been tedious and complicated for many people. This is due to the large amount of information that needs to be processed and understood by the applicant. However, with the specialist help, this information is broken down and explained to you. They will also include tips and insights that will allow you to have the upper hand for your applications.


  1. All Crucial Documents Coordinated
    As ICA uses an online system for the submission of documents, it can get quite confusing. With the restriction of the size of data submitted, the number of materials that need to be provided, no doubt one can easily leave out some relevant documents. With that, the application would be deemed incomplete. Don’t want that to happen, do we? This can be easily resolved by the experts assigned as they help organize and take the stress off your hands.


  1. Personalised Cover Letters Included
    As the ICA processes thousands of applicants, it is vital to set yourself apart from everyone else. A cover letter allows an additional opportunity to add details about information not shown through documents submitted or letters of recommendation. With their expert’s help, a personalized draft will be done for you.


  1. Application Guidance
    With a large number of documents required to prepare for the application, one can get tired, especially after numerous failed attempts. With the specialist’s help, you can be assured that no important document or information will be missed out during your application. As they are there every step of the way.


  1. Simpler and Smooth Process

Going through the e-Portal of ICA can be intimidating especially when you are not familiar with it. Valuable time lost just to navigate through the system resulting in a tremendous amount of stress for an application. Let your Paul Immigrations specialist take over for a super-efficient and fuss free process.

Whether you are:


  • Employment pass/S pass Holder
  • Married to a Singapore Citizen or PR
  • A student studying in Singapore
  • Parent of a Singapore Citizen
  • Unmarried child aged below 21, legally adopted or born to a Citizen or PR
  • Or a Foreign investor


If you are considering applying or simply wondering if you qualify, head over to their website to leave your particulars. Kick start your Singapore Permanent Resident application with a consultation with Paul Immigrations today. Their friendly consultants are more than happy to give you a call and do a non obligatory assessment of your Singapore PR eligibility as well as handle any enquiries you may have.



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