Thank you 8 Crabs for the yummy Mummy’s Day treat!

It was so hard to decide between ordering their all time favourite Chilli Crab, the appetizing Black Pepper Crab or the golden Salted Egg Yolk Crabs. But I finally settled for their award winning Black Pepper crab in the end and was really glad I did. Their sauce was tasty and fiery, just how I’d like it. However, it was the sweetness of the crab that hit me when I took the first bite of it’s fleshy meat. I later learnt that 8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs.

*Interesting fact*
Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live in solitude. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get very stressed in captivity and start producing ammonia, a sign of decomposition in seafood. Most restaurants purchase these farmed crabs because they are cheaper. As a result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell.

8 Crabs using wild crabs makes it so popular as it’s flesh is significantly meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery. In fact, to ensure it’s freshness, they are committed to having these crabs caught, flown, prepared and delivered to you within 12 hours. Their award-winning chefs prepare and cook these fresh crabs daily to guarantee the best flavour and taste.

They also have a ‘one driver to an order’ policy across our 12 kitchens island-wide so that they may uphold their promise of One Hour Crab Delivery (*free delivery for orders above $120).


I also ordered these accompanying dishes:

Premium Cereal Prawns

  • These medium sized prawns with generously coated golden cereal flakes were really appetising. It was a tad spicier than normal, but the curry leaves really added to the flavour overall.

Sambal Kangkong

  • This classic dish is always a must have during my zhi char meals. Nice wok hei to the dish and an absolute delight biting into the bits of dried shrimp amidst the sambal and kangkong.

Claypot Beancurd

  • This was ordered for the kiddos but ended up digging in ourselves too. A dish that feels like home and feelings of familiarity that comes with it!

Prawn Paste Chicken

  • One of 8 Crabs’ star dishes and definitely the children’s favourite… lil Alexa tore on 3-4 of these yummy wings herself!

Indulge your family and treat them to a quality crab feast if you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday, special event or simply want to have a hearty meal together.

Head over to to order and enjoy!!!

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