Our Babies

Axl Sim is the precious firstborn child to new daddy & mummy; Kenneth & Vivien!

Born 5th May 2015 at 12.21pm at Gleneagles Hospital, this little baby is affectionately known as lil’ X! 

Many have asked us the meaning of Axl’s name and why we chose it… AXL (pronounced Ax-sel) means ‘Divine Reward’.

We truly believe he is our reward given by God. But we also pray that he will grow up to be A XL ‘person’; a spiritual GIANT who’ll serve his generation and a BIG hearted person who’ll love people!


Alexa Sim Lixin is the joy & sweetheart of the Sim household. This baby doll is perfection in every way… right down to her time of birth that matched her birthday; 10:10am on 10 October 2017! 

Her Chinese name was chosen by her father and it means ‘beautiful aroma’. May your life be sweet smelling… pleasing and acceptable to Him. Like a fragrance that fills up a room, I pray your presence will fill and flood people’s hearts with that same love, joy and peace you’ve brought into our lives!