“As a new mummy, you’ll be offered many conflicting advices…
But trust your instincts and know that YOU are the best mummy for YOUR baby!”

“As a mum and so much more, we often give away a lot of ourselves…
It’s important we find moments of solitude to recharge our soul & spirit”

“Mothering you is exactly what God has been preparing me for my whole life…
Like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to do”

“Yes, motherhood will change you and turn your whole world around… The lessons of motherhood will make you a better version of who you were. A better boss, employee, mentor, leader, wife, daughter, sister, friend… etc.”

“It’s my prayer for you today – that you’ll be blessed with people who’ll celebrate your successes in life… But more importantly, love & support you in every step of your journey there!”

“Dear Axl & Alexa, I can think of 1001 reasons why I love you and yet at the same time, know there’s need for none… I love you JUST BECAUSE ❤”